Thank you to those who volunteered at Kick’n Up Kountry in 2014! We hope to see you again in 2015
Volunteer Wednesday and get your choice of a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday ticket
Volunteer Thursday and get your choice of a Friday or Saturday ticket
Volunteer Friday and get a Saturday ticket
Volunteer two days and receive a ticket for all four days of the festival!!!


  • All volunteers will be given their ticket only after they have worked their full shift.

E.g. In order to get a Wednesday ticket,  you must volunteer the week before the event.

  • 4 hour or 8 hour shifts are available.
  • Everyone must fill out a Volunteer Application even if you have volunteered before.
  • Volunteers get a free ticket to the RESERVED seating section.
  • Volunteers will also receive a free Kick’n Up Kountry Volunteer  T-shirt.
  • Volunteers will receive free food and bottled water while working their shift.

Below is a list of things that we need volunteers for.  If you have any questions please ask in the form below and we’ll answer your email.



Apparel and Souvenirs
Set Up/Tear Down Crew

Applications can be printed off and mailed to our corporate office.

Attention EMTs:

Volunteer EMTs just check “Other” on the application, and make a note, since there is no job listing for EMTs. If you have any questions please send your email to:

Click here to  download the 2014 Volunteer Application

For more information about sponsoring, donating or volunteering,
please contact us at TOLL FREE at 1-877-KICKNUP (542-5687) or email us!