…And the band played on

Although no actual numbers were available on Monday morning, Kick’n Up Country promoter Ardell Larson said she was very happy with the results of the Kick’n Up Country event and the crowds that attended. It was the event’s first shot at holding the festival at a permanent site about one mile west of Karlstad, and as things fell together over the weekend, the site seemed an almost perfect fit. With the stage located at the bottom of the slope on Wagon Wheel Ridge, the crowd simply sat down in lawn chairs to take in the concerts, and there was not a bad seat “in the house”. “My first impression is that it was very successful,” Ardell stated on Monday following the big show. “We were just overwhelmed with all of the support we received during the show, and with all of the positive comments. Everybody involved stepped up to the plate to make it all work.” Although many in the crowd were local, there were still very many who came some distance to take in the shows. And by Saturday night, when Diamond Rio took to the stage, the crowd had grown quite large. “I was in my trailer and looked out at the crowd,” Ardell said, “and could see the arms waving in the air, and everyone getting into the swing of the concert.” Ardell said they will now try to build on the apparent success of this first year on the site, tweaking and polishing to make things even better as the festival matures. “We heard a lot of good comments,” she stated, “in fact we didn’t hear anything negative. Usually there are a few negatives out there, but we haven’t heard any yet.” She said she was visiting with Timmy Lee Goffee following his tribute to Johnny Cash, and asked if he could think of something they might do to make the show better. “Ma’am,” he replied, “I’m just as happy as I can be. It’s just perfect.” Despite those encouraging words, Ardell said they will be starting to work soon on the 2012 Kick’n Up Kountry, and doing whatever they can to make it even better next year.

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